Things to do in Langkawi

For the Malaysia tour, the two cities that we chose to visit were: Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. Langkawi’s natural beauty is a complete contrast to site after you come from Kuala Lumpur. Langkawi is a group of nearly 99 islands so when you visit the place a boat tour is necessary of as many islands as you can cover. You can take a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to reach here in case you are visiting KL as well on your Malaysia tour.

Skydiving: Our sole purpose to visit Langkawi was Skydiving which is one of the safest in the world. They took us by a small plane to a height of nearly 10000 metres to jump and the final landing itself gives a beautiful view of the Langkawi islands as we glide down the remaining few metres making it once in a life-time experience. It is Tandem Skydive so the instructor will help you out throughout this experience plus they have a camera attached at wrist with them so as to record videos and photos as we do the jump. The skydive package with the videos is a little expensive of around 1700 RM but totally worth it. 

Pantai Cenang beach :There are multiple beaches and islands to visit but one that must not be missed is Pantai Cenang beach. It is white sand beach surrounded by numerous cafes, restopubs and resorts so easily the place to visit in case you are looking for a night life in Langkawi. The sunset at the beach is a view by itself but at night these hotels and cafes organize events like music and fire show to attract tourists so you can easily spend a day here. The areas around are perfect for shopping including both street shopping for local flavour as well as malls around for the brands.

Langkawi Skybridge and Cable car: This is a must have experience when you are on Langkawi visit. Since it is one of the popular places, the crowd is beyond control and the queue to see the Skybridge took us more than an hour. We heard that it can be even more crowded on weekends so even if you book the tickets online for this place, be prepared for a full day to be spent here due to long wait. There is option for two tickets separate for Cable car and Skybridge so book accordingly.

Cable car tour gives a panoramic view of the island and its forest covers which will last for around 15 mins one way. Once you reach, you can take the skybridge walk (in case you didn’t buy tickets for the Skybridge then there is separate ticket line as well). The glass bottom skybridge can be scary for people who are scared of heights so plan accordingly. Even if you don’t want to take the skybridge, there is still a deck where you can stand and view the island along with a few eateries. The mountains and the sea around gives a picturesque view as you take the Skybridge walk so plan this around evening to view even prettier scenery.

Paradise Langkawi and the 3D Art: One of the islands worth visiting with Family and kids is Paradise Langkawi as it has something for everyone. There are loads of activities for both kids and adults but one of the best is their 3D Art museum with life like paintings and optical illusions. There are options like Jet skiing, parasailing, aqua park and adventure rides so you can easily spend full action-packed day here. One of the best that we enjoyed was a 3D experience of ride through a fantasy dinosaur laden Safari zone

Langkawi is a group of islands so don’t forget to plan a full day Hop on Hop off boat shuttle tour after you choose a few islands to visit. Be careful of your belongings though because at few islands we encountered a lot of mischievous monkeys that stole our food. You can also get guided tours that offer snorkelling at few of these islands. Even though you don’t plan snorkelling, the water is quite clear to witness few varieties of fishes right near the shore. The boat ride, the islands and the walk through the complete green forest cover around gives a natural feel of Langkawi, a complete contrast to the main city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.


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