Top 10 things to do in Kuala Lumpur

We had just 5 vacation days which cannot be utilized to cover Malaysia as a whole so we chose 2 cities: Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi – completely different from each other. One is full of city life and the other with natural beauty. The city to city flight is the cheaper and faster method to travel across Malaysia. One of the easiest ways to explore Kuala Lumpur is buying a Hop on Hop off bus tour. The full day ticket would cost less than 60 MYR (Rs 1000) and even cheaper if you do online booking through apps like Klook. Although there are numerous stuff to do and places to visit but when you don’t have time in hand then prioritise on these top 10 places to visit.

1. Kuala Lumpur City centre (KLCC):This is the centre of attraction area of
Kuala Lumpur so it is best to start your Hop on Hop off journey from KLCC. City’s
main attraction like Petronas twin towers, Aquaria and the main malls are all
within walkable distance. However if you take a day tour on Hop on Hop off bus,
you can easily cover these main spots in a day.

2. Petronas Tower : This is a must visit in KL as they are the tallest twin
towers of the world and be prepared for a large tourist crowd. In case you want
to visit inside then better to book online tickets as they get sold out pretty
fast. Else if you only need the most popular tourist photo of tower in
background then one of the best location is from the fountain outside. The view
would look great in morning as well as evening when lighting starts

3. Suria KLCC mall – This is the perfect shopping destination as well as has
some move theatres and art galleries so you can easily spend half a day here. It
is right below the Petronas tower and is home to most of the high-end brand
retail stores as well as few local brands.

4. KLCC park:The park is right near the KLCC malls and the twin tower so it becomes the perfect hangout place when you are done with shopping and touring of the towers. The area is full of tourists trying to take the picture of twin tower as the park gives perfect view of the tower in the backdrop. In case you visit in the evening, you can enjoy the fountain and lighting show too.

5. Menara KL: After you have visited the Twin towers, it is best to plan Menara KL specially during the evening time. You can take entry for going to the top of the tower which will give a great 360-degree view of the city and looks even better in the evening lights. The twin towers are picturesque site from Menara KL skybox or observation deck. You can also opt for the dining experience in the next floor at an added cost. However, expect good amount of crowd and nearly an hour of wait in the queue if you are going on a weekend.

6. Aquaria: Not too far away from Petronas tower, you can visit Aquaria which is multilevel aquarium in Kuala Lumpur Convention centre. It is one of the stops in the hop on hop off tour bus or you can easily take a cab from Petronas at an affordable cost. It’s a must visit place for kids as they get to see a lot of aquatic animals specially its fascinating to see them swimming around in clear glass roof as you walk around. There are some events like Shark feeding and few documentaries on aqua life protection which is enjoyable for both kids and adults. Since it was an impromptu decision to go here, we had to face a huge queue to get entry tickets but in case you plan ahead and purchase online then you can easily avoid the crowd. Ticket cost is around RM50 and totally worth it as you might get tired walking around the huge Aquaria but won’t get tired of viewing the variety of marine life.

7. China town : In case you are a shopping buff then Chinatown is must visit place for you. The streets are full of branded bags, shoes and other accessories at a much-reduced cost (yes you guessed it right- fake branded stuff). But it really requires good bargaining skills on your part to further reduce the price they quote; sometimes even by half. The area is perfect for trying some local street food specially some barbeque items but the veg food will be difficult to find here.

8. Central market: The place to get local flavour and pick up souvenirs of Kuala Lumpur. So you need to put your bargaining cap on and buy value for money local products from this market. It is not very far from China town so you can easily visit both the places.

9. Little india: In case you are looking for some good vegetarian food then come to Little India and you will find variety of Indian cuisine offering restaurants. There are some Indian markets but most of the products are overpriced and it is not a place that you can bargain much. Little India is quite far away from main centre KLCC but you can reach here on your daily KL hop on hop off bus.

10. ZOUK club KL: In case you are in search of KL nightlife then your visit to KL is incomplete until you have visited Zouk. Try to get a little early as by 12 the place is too crowded to even get an entry. There are other bars and cafes around too just in case you miss out due to long queue.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city for a reason and is perfect for a long weekend trip – multiple attractions of skyscrapers, colonial era buildings and no dearth of nightlife.

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