Rome in 2 days

The best way to see Rome is get a ticket on their hop-on hop-off buses and choose 5-6 things that you want to see for the day. We took a Big bus tour which also gives live commentary (headsets available with each seat) of the main tourist attractions as the bus roams around the city. You have the option of one day or two-day tours which costs 30-40 euros (roughly Rs 3000-4000) so this is one of the most economical ways to see the entire city. Rome is also well connected with metro so just get a metro map and start exploring it.

overview of the city

Day 1 : Colosseum, Arch of Constantine and Palatine Hill


Although Rome is full of historical monuments but Colosseum is one of the best so try to tick this place off your “To Visit” list first. There is a metro station right near the Colosseum as well as it is one of the tourist bus-stops so reaching here is pretty easy. However, there is a huge line since this is one of the popular spots so try to book a ticket earlier to avoid the queue. Even if you don’t get time to visit the place from inside, the entire outside view is well worth visiting. You can also get a local guide to give you a tour of the place giving you historical titbits along, making the experience a little more educational.

We visited Colosseum the very first day that we arrived in Rome and took a walk around the place as there are several historical monuments nearby. Rome is one of the oldest cities with a rich background of history and culture. You can easily cover the places around Colosseum in half a day and keep the others for a next day tour.


Arch of Constantine

The Arch is very close to Colosseum and can be seen on the way to Palatine Hill so it is pretty hard to miss it when you are walking around Colosseum. This one of the few intricately built arches which the Emperors used to build to mark their victory like commemorating the entrance when the emperors entered the city after a victory.

The Arch entry

Palatine Hill

This is the place to be if you are obsessed with history. The place is huge and covered entirely by ruins of the city so be prepared for a long hike around the area. The best way to know more about Palatine Hill is to take a guide who will give information about what each and every part of the ruins signifies. There is also a museum nearby giving further insights of Roman history. Wear your trekking shoes and cover the entire Colosseum to Palatine on foot for a better experience of Rome and its past.

The City Ruins

Day 2 : Hop-on-Hop-off one day tour of Rome

So, you can take any of the travel buses which offer a one-day tour of Rome. You can choose from their multiple stops and get on or get off as per your convenience. You can first start with Vatican City as it is the last stop and farthest. They have limited time for visitation so it is best advised to start you tour with it.

Vatican City

Although it is in the midst of Rome, it’s an entire country by itself so they have pretty tough security checks as well as long queues to enter. The artwork of the Sistine chapel, the historical stories of Vatican museum and the beauty of the Basilica are all worth the visit even if you are not religious. In case you are hoping to see the Pope, that would be difficult there is fixed timing of once or twice a week for public appearance. Still Vatican City has lots to offer and can easily take 3-4 hours of your day. They have a gift shop and a post office too outside the chapel where we bought a stamp as a souvenir. Try to get a guided tour to get a better understanding of the history and significance of this place.

entry to Vatican

Fontana di Trevi

Or the Trevi Fountain is beautiful and one of the popular romantic places here with no entry fee so as expected it is very very crowded. You will be lucky to get a proper secluded selfie here as people would always be around considering it is known as the wish fountain. In spite of the crowd and money thrown in, the water is crystal clear and so are the sculptures well maintained. The crowd will not let you enjoy the beauty of this place longer so walkalong to the next tourist stop.


It is hardly a 10-minute walk from Trevi fountain and is in the midst of the market place (Try Gelato ice cream nearby!). This is a temple dedicated to celestial gods of ancient Rome. Again, you need not be religious to appreciate this place as it is must see for any architecture or history lover. The entry here is free as well but I think there was a charge for an audio tour so you can try that too.

Piazza Navona

There are several piazzas or market places around Rome but this is one of the most popular ones as it used to be a stadium arena in ancient Rome where people used to watch games. It is quite close to both the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.

There are few more places that we were able to fit in our day trip such as Basilica or Church of Santa Maria and the Wax work museum of Rome. There are exquisite cafes all around the city so don’t fail to try the local cuisines specially the desserts. One of the fun things about the cafés was that they would charge you a euro lesser for the same coffee in case you take it to go instead of having it there.

Rome can be enjoyed better with walking tour or bus tours so avoid the taxis or metros and be on the lookout for these ancient historical monuments which the city is covered with.

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