Bali and Jakarta trip

We took a trip to Indonesia and chose to cover Bali and Jakarta which came out to be quite an affordable trip ( around 60k per person for a 5 day trip). We did most of the bookings online for hotels and the activities that we wanted to go for there so there was no need to opt for any travel operator.

Day 1 : Land in Bali

We landed around afternoon so spent the rest of the day restaurant hopping, window-shopping and enjoying the Bali night life before heading towards our hotel in Seminyak.


Day 2: Snorkeling and more Beaches

We booked our snorkeling trip online from a local guide and they gave us the entire equipment, provided a place to change and since it was a full-day activity- lunch also included. They take you out on a boat to clearer seas so that multiple variety of fish could be spotted while snorkeling. In case you don’t know swimming like me , they have life jackets too. I am also short sighted so they had an option of powered snorkeling eye-gear so make sure you ask for it if you need it because wearing contacts or specs is not very comfortable during snorkeling. There are caves around the area that you can explore in case you are a good swimmer but its advisable to stay around the guide. Though the best part of the day was to spot the Puffer fish.

We got free by evening so as our hotel was quite near the Seminyak beach , We spent the rest of the day exploring the beaches and the vintage cafes around. The night markets are a good opportunity to get some bargains in street shopping. Do try the local chicken and sea food dishes like Nasi Goreng. The vegetarian options were a little hard to find in smaller restaurants.

The market arena at night

Day 3 : Enjoying the local festival and Spa day

We went at the time of local festival Nyepi which is basically a Day of silence spent in meditation for the locals so we didn’t have much of activity planned that day as most of the places were closed down. We opted for Balinese Spa for that day and enjoyed the local cuisines.

Day 4: Bali to Jakarta

They are many local flights at decent costs between Bali to Jakarta but still preferable to book in advance. Similar to Bali, this is an island place and lots of beaches to explore. We went to the luxury Yacht charter area along their beach. They also offer many boat and yacht tours that you can book beforehand and even if you don’t, you can still enjoy the view at the beach view cafes.

Yacht Anchorage at Jakarta

Day 5 : Hike to Krakatau Volcano

Krakatau Volcano is one of the active volcanoes of Indonesia and pretty far away from the main city of Jakarta. We book the tour online again and ere able to get it quite cheap for around total 25k for all 4 people. The guide and his team took us on a streamer boat to the island where we start the hike. Since the volcano is little unstable, they only hike to level 1 which itself was quite a steep climb so come prepared with good running shoes. After the hike, there is also snorkeling included and they give complimentary lunch. The islands are almost full of forest area so we were lucky enough to spot a Komodo dragon in wild with help of our guide.

Volcano view while hiking

The trip was full of beach hopping plus the hot humid weather of both Bali and Jakarta ensured we ran out of our sunscreens. There a few historical temples that should be not be missed but our trip was too short to cover them plus its not a great place for pure vegetarians as it took us a lot of time to find pure veg options for few of our friends. We often used to end up buying lots of super market packaged foods so better to have some food options in case you are pure vegan.

Indonesia should be one of the first international trips you plan due to its affordable and exotic holiday locations!


    • Yes.. It’s great to experience the climb to volcano but since it is considered active volcano, they only allow climb till level 1 which is not very high πŸ™‚


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