2 days of Paris

Yes, just 2 days we had to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world , rather around 2.5 days, so tried to cover as much we could but have to plan a next visit again as there is so much more that got missed. Well the landing and reaching hotel took nearly the full day and we threw our bags in hotel only to rush out and take in the first look of the city at night

Late night run around : Galeries Lafayette

If you have time to just visit one shopping mall in Paris , this is the one. It houses most of the high-end popular brands and its a task to get in any of them due to huge week-end crowd at the stores. The place itself is a pretty sight and easily accessible due to metro station at the lower ground floor.We had very little time to see any other place so this seemed to be our best bet as luckily our hotel was near a metro station.

Day 1 : Eiffel Tower, Seine cruise , Louvre

This was a packed tourist day for us as we got a tour booked online for the evening to see the Eiffel tower and the Paris city. The traveling in Paris is quite easy with the local subway or metro as most of the tourist places have a nearby station The morning was free so we went to see The Mona Lisa and also the Louvre museum around it 🙂

Louvre Museum: Its a dream come true for art and history lover which most of the people visiting Paris are so there is an unimaginable line for entry to this. After you finally get in, you need to plan out what all you can see as the place is huge covering eras and eras of paintings and artifacts. We chose our favorite artists and visited few of the galleries specially the one with Mona Lisa which thankfully did not have a big crowd around it due to it being a weekday. You come for Mona Lisa but the galleries and paintings will motivate you to visit it again.

on top of Louvre museum

Seine Cruise: The tour offers a cruise through the Seine river running through the city so you get to see most of the main architectures of Paris as you cruise through the river. The added allure of the cruise is watching the lighted Eiffel Tower from all possible angles.

Seine River

Eiffel Tower: The main attraction of the tour comes in the evening. Only a specific floor is allowed for the tourists where you get to view Paris from the top and all 360 degrees. Since we went in February, it as too windy to be out for long at the top so we enjoyed inside tour full of souvenir shops, cafe and viewing through the glass windows.

The view from the cruise

Night City tour: After you get off the Eiffel tower elevator and finish taking touristy photos of holding the tower, the tour takes you on a night tour of the city. Most of the places are closed by then but still you can enjoy the architectural beauty of the city.

The one great thing about Paris is the multiple cafes at every nook and corner so being a coffee lover this is heaven. Although my zero knowledge of French made me not understand the menus at all and I used to end up ordering multiple surprises. The safest were the desserts that i used to gobble up from every cafe. Paris is known for the variety of desserts so I made it a point to try something new from every place i entered and also loaded up on a lot of macaroons.

Paris at night

Day 2: City Tour

Notre-Dame: Day 2 starts with the tour of historical and one of most famous cathedrals – Notre Dame and the architecture inside will prove why it is so famous among the tourists. This place too has an entry queue and on holidays they can be really long.

You can take a walking around Seine River and explore the city as most of the popular spots as well as cafes are around the river. The great thing about Paris is that its streets are the places you can encounter really talented musicians who make your walking tour pretty musical.

on the inside

Versailles Palace: Its around 20kms from Notre-Dame and can easily be reached by the metro or train. The tour takes at least half a day so plan in advance but the charm of the place should not be missed.

overlooking the Notre Dame

Paris is as magical as all the books describe it but in case you are really bad in French , it can be difficult to move around as most of the signs and public transports give details in french. Before you visit Paris, brushing up on few French words won’t be a bad idea!

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